Hosting Policy

Hosting Policy

Superfluid's hosting policy is simple and mutual between you, the host, and Superfluid, the Company.  We like to keep obligations as a host minimal, but understandable, so you have a clear picture of what becoming a host with Superfluid entails.

Our hosting policy entails the following for you as a host:

  1. You are engaging with Superfluid to host a LoRaWAN router (hotspot) in your home that uses your pre-existing internet connection to create a lower spectrum network that uses 915MHZ for any North American connection.
  2. You are not the owner of the hotspot, but will be the temporary host for the hotspot to provide coverage for your nearby area. The hotspot is under sole ownership of Superfluid, LLC and under no circumstances can you trade, exchange, move, or sell the hotspot to anyone unless supervised or granted permission by Superfluid to do so.
  3. You acknowledge that you are allowed, at any time, to contact Superfluid and have the hotspot removed from your location if you decide that you do not want it anymore.
  4. You are financially liable and take full responsibility for any damages to the hotspot while it's under your possession as a host.

And entails the following for us as a company:

  1. Superfluid acknowledges that the host is to be paid a monthly amount in USD.
  2. Superfluid takes full responsibility for the delivery, communication, and setup for the hotspot.
  3. Superfluid is allowed, at any time, to contact the Host and have the hotspot removed from their location. 
  4. Superfluid is not allowed to market, sell, exploit, exchange, or trade any information received by the host. Such information includes: Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail, Age, Sex, Orientation, Race, or Ethnicity.