Host a hotspot, get paid.

Earn up to $150 per month for hosting a hotspot that enables smart devices in your city.

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What's the
Superfluid Network?

Superfluid hotspots help create a global network to connect the technology around you.

Think of it as a wireless mesh network - Hotspots provide secure connectivity for local smart devices that promote a more efficient, innovative, and safer community.

There are already 125,000+ hotspots online globally, but the network still has a long way to grow!
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How it works


Host a Hotspot

To create a reliable coverage network, we need hotspots everywhere. You are paid to host a hotspot at your home or business.


Set it and forget it

Following installation, a Hotspot will run quietly in the background. You have no on-going obligations. Forget about it and get paid monthly.


More Hotspots, More Rewards

Hosts get rewarded by the network in exchange for expanding it, meaning the larger the network grows, the more you are rewarded.

$50 to $150

in monthly passive income

Hosts earn $50 - $150 per month, paid out directly to your Venmo or Paypal account.

Just plug and earn.

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How it helps

Package Tracking

Reliable global package tracking. Individualized, quick and secure.

Weather Sensor

Localized weather data in real-time, to monitor our increasingly changing climate.

Rental Bikes

Rental bikes and scooters tracked easier than ever before.

Smart City

Detailed, up-to-date traffic, parking, and public transit data.


Data on everything a farmer needs, from soil moisture to irrigation controllers.

Pet Collars

Never lose track of a pet again, with affordable, trackable, pet collars.

Secure and Private

Hotspots are hardware-secured, FCC approved, and use private key encryption. Hotspots connect to your WiFi but operate on a different frequency, creating a secure separation between your personal data and community devices.

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Hotspots are smaller than your hand, use less energy than a light bulb, and won't slow down your WiFi.


Hotspots broadcast the same radio waves as your existing home WiFi router and are just as safe.

Security and Privacy

Hotspots are hardware-secured, FCC approved and use private key encryption, creating a secure separation between your personal data and community devices

Hotspots only receive data relevant to the network and don’t access any of your data, nor will they ever.

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